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More Hiring Tips from New Zealand Campervans.

These are very much-loved campervans and we hope you enjoy your journey.

Kiwi the Campervan - a cosy night's sleep
Above:Kiwi the Camper

Owner Teresa Hall – 0223130939

Website – www.newzealandcampervans.co.nz

A few things to remember:

• Takes 91 Petrol only

• Height of camper (watch those trees and covered carparks)

• Roof Ventilation – Make sure you close it before you drive off.

• Hand brake – Need to make sure it is fully off when you move. Check red light is off before driving away.

• Curtain Domes – Pull directly around the dome not the fabric as they can rip.

• Awning – Please make sure you take down the awning every night and in any wind (they are rather fragile).

• Toilet (if taking) and Grey waste – Please return emptied, washed out and cleaned.

• Cleanliness – Please return vehicle clean inside and out and all rubbish removed. You are welcome to clean the outside at my house in Red Beach if needed.

The Process for accidents or contacting AA Roadside Assistance with Camplify is as follows:

1. Call the AA Priority line on 0800 734 543 ensuring you have the Campervan registration number and location ready.

2. Call Teresa Hall, owner 0223130939

3. Once you have called the AA and a Patrolman has been dispatched, call Camplify and advise of your situation 0800 779 779

Things included in camper:

• Two camping chairs and two stools used for a table too.

• Portable toilet (if required)

• Portable gas cooker (please supply gas canisters 220g butane as pictured below)

• Fridge and freezer – runs for 48 hours off extra battery which is charged by driving the van or plugging in at campsite

• Internal lights and curtains

• USB chargers

• Two power plugs (if plugging camper in at campsite)

• Stereo

• Coffee plunger, cups, mugs, plates, cutlery, spatula, frying pan and saucepan, teatowels, dishwashing liquid and brush.

• Hand soap

• Van floor brush

• Basic 1st Aid Kit (please replace anything used)

• Fire Extinguishers and gas/fire alarm.

• Linen – bottom bedsheet and duvet and pillows.

• One extension cord

• Camper power lead for plugging in at campsite

• Playing cards

What you might need:

• Rubbish bags

• Plastic food wrap/bags or containers

• Ground sheet or picnic blanket

• Toilet paper

• USB phone charging cable for plugging phone into stereo

• If you are plugging the camper in at a campsite we think it is a great idea to take an Airfryer and use an extension cord fo

Gas can