The new rules are here!!  Let’s see if I can explain this simply.

Updated 6th July 2024

There are only two certificates you can get now – wherever you go to get them!  The Blue certification that will say ‘not for freedom camping‘ (can only ‘freedom camp’ at paid places) and the full Green freedom camping certification.

If you have a valid Blue Sticker Certification issued before June 6th 2024 you can freedom camp until the June 2025.

On 7th June 2024 the rules changed.  If you do not have a valid blue you need to decide if you get a green certificate (that requires a fixed toilet (and at this point in time this needs to be vented too or a blue warrant not for freedom camping (recognised throughout NZ but not defined ‘freedom camping’ (primarily free camping on council managed land, DOC, NZMCA)).   Both will last for 4 years.  A helpful guide to make your decision on which certificate here.

With the green there is a government levy of $120 and then there will be the Self Containment (SC) Authority fee ($63) and the fee from the inspector (us) for their time.  Total:  $233.  NZMCA is doing their own thing for their parks – read below.  We can certify for NZMCA too.

Currently you must externally vent your toilet (yes, that means putting a hole in your toilet waste cassette and a hole in your vehicle to the outside and making it vent to the outside).  You will not get a green sticker certification without this.  This rule is being disputed and hopefully will be overturned by the end of 2024.

We are suggesting that if you have a fixed toilet you get the Blue Sticker Certification now to take you through to June 2025 and hope, like the rest of us that the law is changed before you have to start drilling holes.  If you do not have a valid blue now you will need to vent your cassette.

If you rent your campervan out – as it stands you will need to have a Green Certificate by 7th December 2024.  Authorities are asking the government to extend this date until the decision is made on the venting of the toilets – we do not know if the venting will be overturned or if the date will be extended.  Unfortunately you will have to make a decision if you wait to closer to the time, or make modifications to your toilet now to comply.

There are new rules for Green Stickers here are some helpful documents:


Give us a call if in doubt.


We do Self Certifications for everyone.

We offer renewal checks and certification for new self containments to comply with the New Zealand self-containment standards and qualifications.  In most cases we can do renewals nationwide.  Please get in contact wherever you are.

What is Certified Self Containment? 

​A certified self contained vehicle is designed to completely meet the ablutionary and sanitary needs of the occupants (including water for drinking and cooking) for a minimum of three days without requiring any external services or discharging any waste.  You can also read our Blog on Freedom Camping in New Zealand.

Seeking a new self-containment certification?

Use our Contact Us form to book in for Self Containment Certification.

You’ll need to be able to live in your vehicle for three days without getting more water or dumping waste. It must have:

-a fixed toilet (for now this must be vented).-fresh water system -a sink-waste water system, and-a rubbish bin with a lid.

These rules are in place to encourage campers to be responsible for all their own waste, and leave each camping area as they find it.

What is a fixed toilet?

This is a toilet that is designed to be fixed to the floor of your vehicle.  The waste cassette must have the ability to be removed and emptied from the toilet system without removing the toilet itself.

Freedom Camping New Zealand flowchart
Above:Freedom Camping New Zealand - the natural way